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Wait! Before you prune those paniculatas, consider this…

POSTED BY KIM — Hydrangea paniculatas fall in that category that blooms on new wood.  You can prune them in the spring and have great new growth (which = lots of great flowers), or if you decide to NOT prune, you’ll … Continue reading

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Get your passports ready!

POSTED BY KIM — I just learned the 2012 Hydrangea International Symposium is set for July 5 & 6 in Angers, France. Oo-la-la! I’ve never been to France — and probably won’t make it this year.  But consider this: The … Continue reading

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Do you know the difference between a flower bud and a leaf bud?

POSTED BY KIM — I don’t either. I was thinking about all the times I’ve cautioned people to not prune macrophyllas too late in the fall because they might cut off “flower buds,” and sure enough, you can see buds — but … Continue reading

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Have you admired the hydrangea picture in the masthead?

POSTED BY KIM — As well you should.  It was taken by artist-photographer extraordinaire and very special individual Henry Domke.  I’ve worked with Henry for years now (years??) to help him publicize his specialized business of providing nature art for … Continue reading

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Look quick: Hydrangea winter interest

POSTED BY KIM — Little did I know when I took this picture a few months ago it was going to be the only snow we got all season.  This is snow/ice resting on top of an ‘Annabelle’ bloom.  Now … Continue reading

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Early spring adds early green; hydrangeas smile

POSTED BY KIM — A quick walk through the garden yesterday morning showed lots of snow…magnolia leaves raining down. Beautiful!  Also, lots of green — the hydrangeas are showing lots of signs of life.  Here is a climbing hydrangea in the … Continue reading

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Conard-Pyle introduces new rose that looks like a hydrangea

POSTED BY KIM — Straight from the press release: Look-A-Likes™ Hydrangeful is a unique new hybrid shrub rose with dense flower clusters of small red blooms with a white eye that almost look like a hydrangea. Like Drift Roses, this … Continue reading

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