Have you admired the hydrangea picture in the masthead?

POSTED BY KIM — As well you should.  It was taken by artist-photographer extraordinaire and very special individual Henry Domke.  I’ve worked with Henry for years now (years??) to help him publicize his specialized business of providing nature art for hospitals and healthcare facilities.  Henry is a retired physician who now devotes all his time to the Prairie Garden Trust outside of Jefferson City, Mo., a nature garden that was started by his parents years ago.  Henry’s business, Henry Domke Fine Art, is headed by his wife, Lorna, and the proceeds help support this beautiful, natural wonder in central Missouri.

If you’re ever feeling blue, sitting at your desk, and just want to escape into nature for five minutes, take a “walk” through Henry’s website and I promise you’ll feel better for it afterword.

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Look quick: Hydrangea winter interest

POSTED BY KIM — Little did I know when I took this picture a few months ago it was going to be the only snow we got all season.  This is snow/ice resting on top of an ‘Annabelle’ bloom.  Now it’s mid-March and it’s been 85 degrees for a week, so I’m guessing: so much for the winter interest!

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Early spring adds early green; hydrangeas smile

POSTED BY KIM — A quick walk through the garden yesterday morning showed lots of snow…magnolia leaves raining down. Beautiful!  Also, lots of green — the hydrangeas are showing lots of signs of life.  Here is a climbing hydrangea in the Sensory Garden that will be quite spectacular in another few weeks.

Right next to this fountain were some oakleaf hydrangeas that were starting to green up.  Oakleafs are my favorite because of their four seasons of interest.  These are in a nice protected spot against the garden’s wall.

But the most EXCITING thing I saw was behind the Kemper Center by the back doorway.  There’s an entire row of macrophyllas, and they are green, green, green!  I was looking for flower buds (which makes me a little nervous, with several weeks of winter technically left).  But what a gorgeous sight for a hydrangea nerd like me.

It is mid March, people!  These plants are a month ahead of schedule!  I guess if we get a cold spell, I’ll have to go outside and put my pajamas on all my hydrangeas.  I don’t have enough pajamas to help the hydrangeas at the garden, though.  🙂

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Conard-Pyle introduces new rose that looks like a hydrangea

POSTED BY KIM — Straight from the press release: Look-A-Likes™ Hydrangeful is a unique new hybrid shrub rose with dense flower clusters of small red blooms with a white eye that almost look like a hydrangea. Like Drift Roses, this variety is low-growing and easy to maintain.”

Roses that look like hydrangeas?!  Conard-Pyle hasn’t released a picture of

'The Ballerina Rose'

the Hydrangeful yet, but an internet search turned up another hydrangea-looking rose: the Ballerina Antique Rose.  You can buy it at the Antique Rose Emporium.

I’m intrigued!  I don’t have as many roses as I do hydrangeas, but I probably have a respectable 35-40.  I might be able to find room for this one…

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Check out the new St. Louis Hydrangea Society website

Hydrangea quercifolia 'Summer Snowflake,' ya'll!

POSTED BY KIM — I’ve been working my fanny off (along with my husband’s) to get a new, updated website up. You can see it at www.stlouishydrangeasociety.org.

The BIG NEWS is I’ve set up a meeting schedule for 2012, so if you’re interested in hydrangeas, please check it out.

I’d like to point out that we’re just folks who like hydrangeas, so our meetings are very loosey-goosey.  No fees.  No meeting notes.  Just hydrangeas!

So keep watching this spot, and feel free to forward me meeting ideas or questions.

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